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How To Get (A) Fabulous Top Tier Medical Marijuana On A Tight Budget

Some of our favorites “Best” Edibles of Top Tier: Top Tier CBD Cookies, Lemon Grass Treat, Fruity Buzz, Hashimoto’s Thyme, Super Cider Vinegar Edible, Cannabutter Candles, and much more! We serve many international cities, including Vancouver, BC; Toronto, Ontario; Montreal, Quebec and Kitchener, Ontario. We supply a wide range of specialty cannabis products for use by both recreational users of the cannabis plant and medical patients who are seeking treatment from various ailments associated with this most prolific of herbs. Our focus is to offer a high quality, low cost product that is made from one of the world’s most ancient and versatile plants. The Top Tier brand concentrates on offering an exceptional high-end product to our medical patients while also providing a wonderful line of specialty cannabis products for recreational use.

In addition to offering a variety of top tier, high- potency edibles, we also carry a full line of quality bulk flower ordering and wholesale purchasing. Our quality bulk flower wholesale suppliers are carefully chosen based on the recommendations of our doctors and customers and are dedicated to providing the highest quality and selection of dried flowers, bulk leaf and cut flower varieties to meet all of your needs when it comes to buying weed. Our expertly qualified and courteous sales team is always ready and available to help you find the best wholesale source of premium dried flowers, top tier plants and cut flower varieties. If you’re looking for the top choice in premium, fresh, quality cannabis then look no further than Top Tier Services.

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