What Can an Audiologist Do for You?

Find a dynamic option for your hearing needs in your nearest local Wolfe hearing clinic Auckland local locations; Papakura & Warkworth. Also, take the first step towards enhanced hearing with a call to an audiologist from any of these clinics. You’ll be amazed by the expert care that’s available from these experts.


Our nose is probably the most important sense we have; but unfortunately it is also the one that can be most distracted. As well as the sense of smell, our nose is overwhelmed with all the sights, smells, colours, tastes and sounds of the world around us. It is when these senses are overpowering that the inner working of our brain begins to relax and our hearing gets affected. A professional audiologist in Auckland provides you with the opportunity to stop this from happening.


Our sense of smell seems to be one of the stronger parts of us. The ‘wolf’ smell is actually a pack of these little beasts called crows. We use this ‘wolf’ smell to help us distinguish between friendly and foe human beings. If there were no wolves, there would be no humans and no dogs. However, because of these creatures many people, including you and me, get confused and don’t know whether they are friendly or not.

Does Your CBD Store Delivers?

The FDA has determined the hemp oil marketed by Your Mary Jane’s CBD to be an inadequate cure for any ailment. According to the FDA, the company’s hemp oil contains CBD only. This is true of all CBD oils manufactured by the company. The company’s CBD oil does contain the medicinal compound cannabidiol and other plant compounds but only trace amounts. The FDA has also concluded that a number of health claims are being made about the CBD oil, including the use of CBD to treat: nausea, seizures, asthma, anxiety and depression. The FDA has not yet ruled on the claims made by the company concerning its CBD oil.

What’s in your CBD? Buyer beware

The FDA has concluded the company’s claims regarding its CBD products by conducting a scientific study which involved the testing of several different CBD products from Your CBD Store. The company did not conduct any clinical trials. The company conducted only an animal-testing study. The FDA did conclude that the studies conducted by the company failed to show any significant difference between the CBD oil obtained from its hemp seeds and that obtained from another company. It did conclude that the research was inconclusive. The FDA did conclude that the company has not conducted sufficient clinical trials to determine if the hemp seed oil produced by the company will have any effect on humans. If this company does market other CBD products such as a liquid form, there is no guarantee of safety for human consumption or efficacy.

The FDA has also determined that your CBD store has not provided evidence of the product being tested. The company has never provided scientific studies that show that their hemp seed oil has any effect on humans and, even if it did, there is no way to know if the effect was due to CBD or another compound. The company’s claims regarding the benefits of the product cannot be backed by adequate clinical trials. Since the FDA has not found any benefit in using the hemp seed oil obtained from Your CBD store, consumers should avoid the company’s hemp oil and move on to other forms of CBD. CBD oil derived from hemp seeds is a waste of money.…