Landscaping On A Hillside

Landscaping on a hill isn’t just an easy way to add beauty and character to your surroundings; it also adds another dimension to outdoor activities like gardening, outdoor parties, barbecues, and picnics. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to live near a hill, you know how special it can be to spend time there. With landscaping on a hill – heartland landscape, you get the benefit of natural panoramas, sweeping mountain views, and beautiful gardens. There are endless combinations that you can try. And the best part is, you don’t have to do it all on your own. Whether you’re having a backyard picnic or planning an elegant garden party, landscaping on a hill will add elegance to any area.

Create Your Own Dream Garden on a Hill

One of the prettiest features of landscaping on a hillside is that you can often take your outdoor landscape design up another level by using the natural rock and wildlife found on a hillside. Nature’s beauty can be observed as clear as the morning skies or as subtle as shadows cast by distant mountain peaks. This can be used to create serene, restful areas where you might catch up on the latest news, put together an impromptu game of croquet or lawn tennis, or just sit quietly under a tree to read a book. Even better, landscaping on a hillside wildflower garden can be as simple as selecting flowers for a bed or as complicated as creating an elaborate landscape featuring flowering shrubs, trees, ferns, herbs, and other greenery. Adding flowers is easy; creating a fern-lined bed or an elaborate stone wall is much more work, but rewarding when the finished product is a beautiful habitat for wildlife.

Of course, there’s nothing like watching wildflowers in bloom or coming upon a gorgeous specimen as you stroll through your yard. To achieve this look in your own backyard, consider planting a mix of annuals (which do not need replanting) and perennials that will remain green year-round. Perennial plants like these can be added throughout the year, or you may want to divide and replant them at the start of each season. For example, you could divide and replant a wildflower meadow in the spring, then plant flowers the following season and continue with a regular grass-free lawn. Xeriscaping is an ideal way to combine beauty with eco-friendliness, and a few hours spent landscaping on a hillside can enhance the overall appeal of your home and yard.