How to Choose Paintball Gear

Yoga society productsDye masks are a must for anyone who plays paintball or role playing games, they can either be worn as an actual mask or as a face paint colour. The great thing about paintball is that it allows you to use whatever you want, as long as it fits your game, and also makes you look good at the same time, which I think is very important. Many guys in an indoor cqb area where play regularly have dye masks on. This is because it gives them a really cool and unique look, when on their paintball team.

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How to Choose Paintball Gear



Now to compare these two styles of paintball wear, we will take a look at the tie dye masks, and then we will look at the rubber and cotton masks. Now when you first pick out a new pair of paintball pants, you need to make sure that they fit perfectly, because if they don’t, you will look like you have a ballerina on your legs. So, to get a good fit of pants that not only fit properly, but also help you move well, I recommend getting some Velcro pants. But once you have those, you need to look into getting some one piece pants, and one piece shirts. One of the main problems that people run into when choosing paintball clothing is that they try to make every outfit match, which is almost impossible.


Now the great thing about these new painter caps is that they can come in just about any colour you want, and they also are completely seamless, so you do not have to worry about any seams when you are putting them on, or when you are taking them off. One cool thing that I have found about these new painter cap is that you can actually wash them in a washing machine without any soap, and even with the amount of soap that you put in it, they still hold their shape, and will not get damaged by the water. The great thing about these rubber banded masks is that they are not sticky at all, and the fact that you can not see the design through the mask, means that it is going to be really hard to pull a mask off, especially if you are not fast with your movements. Go ahead and give these a try, I am sure you will love the way they work.

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