How to Write an Event Press Release

An event press release may not be as exciting as some other types of releases but it can be effective. You don’t need a long time to write an event press release and have it accepted. It takes time for an event to take place or be newsworthy, therefore it is important that your press release is newsworthy as soon as possible. Your press release must be written in the form of an announcement rather than a story. This way it will be accepted by journalists, who are often very busy.

How to Write an Event Press Release

An event press release should follow the standard press release format as closely as possible. The format is as follows: first paragraph (or introduction), second paragraph (about the occasion), third paragraph (what further details are available), fourth paragraphs (what the full implications of the first paragraph are), fifth paragraph (more detailed information about the first and second paragraphs), sixth paragraph (who you are and where you are from). An event is usually announced in the third paragraph. The fourth and fifth paragraphs can then be written if more detail is needed.

Your headline and subheadings should also follow this format as well. The headline should state who you are, the venue where the event is taking place, when the event takes place, who your audience is and what your main objectives are. The subheading should give more information about your audience, for instance, how many people are expected and how they will be distributed. In the body of your press release, you should include whatever additional details you feel the journalist needs to know. Finally, it should conclude with a brief report of your objectives.

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