Microblading in St Louis

Microblading St Louis is the latest in a long line of emerging trends and revolutionary creations in Hollywood make-up. Microblading is a unique process that was invented by Bill Bass nearly 30 years ago. Bill Bass introduced Microblading to Hollywood at the time when it was discovered that applying the makeup using a tiny plastic stick on your eyelids added an instantaneous lift that dramatically increased your natural beauty and glow. Now Microblading is the name of the latest trend in Hollywood make up that is sweeping the nation and has become the hottest thing to hit the red carpet! Microblading St Louis

Microblading in St Louis

Microblading St Louis is a new revolution in beauty and the secret to the fabulous looks of many celebrities can be traced to Bill Bass Microblading Eyeshadow Tool, formulated with botanical based ingredients that merge healthful substances such as aloe vera, maracuja and coconut oil to moisturize and soften your brows. Microblading does not just enhance your eyes; it lifts, tweezers and helps smooth your eyebrows, too! This innovative product has proven to be an invaluable tool for many patients who are suffering from both neck and eyebrow pain and other skin problems. Because microblading uses a tiny plastic stick on the eyelids, it is safe and easy for any patient to try, even if they are not used to wearing makeup.

Many people in St Louis area have noticed an increased number of customers at their cosmetic clinics. Microblading can be found in many different Microblading St Louis clinics that offer a host of eye-catching treatments that are sure to enhance the beauty of your eyebrows and face. Microblading St Louis has become a popular choice among many women and men in the St Louis area because it is a temporary makeup solution, much like colored contacts, but it is much more affordable and less expensive than traditional permanent makeup. Microblading does not have the reputation of lasting forever, but the lasting results are often longer lasting than most other types of eye-shadows and eyeliners.

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